Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cute Penguins?

Penguins are probably considered one of the cutest creatures around, with their shiny smooth skin and the way they waddle and slide on the ice. They have captured popular imagination in the movie Happy feet and also as a mascot of the Linux kernel. I recently read on a FB status how when a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin it searches the whole beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her. So cute and romantic right?

Let me tell you some things about Penguins that might change your opinion. 

Emperor Penguins are known to push each other in water to test if the water is safe and free of predators. When the penguins are hungry they gather around the shore and wait for somebody to go near the water. Eventually the hungriest one does and at this time they take the liberty to push him with a light nudge into the water. Then they watch his fate intently, and only when they are assured that the coast is clear they take the leap to find some food.

In the early twentieth century on an expedition to south pole, George Murray Levick studied the Adelie penguins, their habitat, reproduction etc. What he found about their sexual habits was so shocking that the information could not be published at that time and was under censorship for nearly a century. He reported acts of Homosexuality among the Penguins. And to that if you say - "Well, that is why homosexuality should not be illegal as it has been documented in around 1500 species, it is safe to say it is totally natural" what do you have to say about the acts of Pedophilia reported among the cute creatures down south?

And it does not stop there. Mountaineers who are reported missing in expeditions are sometimes found buried in ice 50 years later and identified by their photos. This is possible because ice preserves the flesh. The same happens in Antarctica and you can find bodies of penguins dead over a hundred years ago if you dig beneath the new layers of ice. It is not hard to find a perfectly preserved Penguin corpse in the Antarctic and it is also not hard to find a living Penguin over it. Those cuddly penguins have been reported to carry out the most depraved act of all - Necrophilia.

So much for cuteness! And I am sorry if I ruined that penguin stuffed toy you like so much for you.

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